Marketing Your Medical Practice Online

There is a lack of awareness I see with many   doctors , medical  clinics  and hospitals regarding marketing their practice online. Following are some of the questions and concerns doctors have when the discussion of marketing their practice online comes up:

1. Are people even searching for  clinics  or  doctors  online?

2. Why would people search for doctors online?

3. I have my website up for a few years and hardly have any visits or inquires through it.

4. Patients inquiring online are difficult to convert.

Let me answer these questions/concerns:

1. Today, millions of people are searching online for doctors. For eg: the word “Dentist” is searched more that 4 million times, and plastic surgeon close to a million times in a single month worldwide. And this is just one keyword; the number is much bigger when you add the searches for all the keywords (synonyms, specialties etc.) used to find a dentist or a plastic surgeon etc. This is not just restricted to dentists or cosmetic surgeons, but to all the fields in medicine.

2. People search online for doctors so that then can learn more about them before the visit. The Internet is a great place to read reviews about the  doctors  or  clinics . Patients will obviously tend to visit doctors with good reviews. It surely beats going to a doctor unaware of his or her reputation.

3. Just having a website does not mean more visits to the site and inquiry online. There are hundreds of doctors (with the same specialty) with websites in your area, but only 10 slots in the major search results on the first page. As searchers don’t tend to go beyond the first page of the search result, most probably you are invisible to you potential patients.

4. Its not that patients online are difficult to convert, but instead, the strategy to convert an online patient is different from that of a walk in. Once doctors accept this, the process becomes simpler.

When you receive an inquiry online, be prompt to reply to it, if you take too long, the patient will go elsewhere. Follow it up with a phone conversation if number has been provided. Direct them to place where then their read reviews by patients about you.

So now that some of the concerns doctors/ Dentist might have are answered, what should the online strategy for doctors be?

Well, first, realize the fact that  doctors / clinics  need to be online and that the Internet is an alternate source of new patients.

Things you should do:

1. Build a presence online by building a website. A website is the best way to showcase your self and your practice. But don’t just stop there, hire an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) firm to optimize your website, so you appear on top of search results. Without optimizing your site, you will be invisible to patients.

2. Start a blog. Blog is another way to connect with patients. Discuss cases, latest technology you are using, events and trainings you have attended.

3. Social media – Stay in touch with your patients through Facebook and Twitter. Build a following and stay connected. This way, you can remind you patients and prospective patients that your practice is live and kicking and that you’re always there when you need them.

4. Take part in forums and answer patients concerns, this can be a great lead generator as well.

The whole point is to spread your reach. Don’t just depend on your website, use other forums to promote yourself. The patients are out there; all you need to do is, make yourself visible to them.

Internal Medicine Doctors

The discipline of Internal Medicine originated in Germany and became popular in the United States in the early 20th century. The term is derived from ‘Innere Medizin’, denoting physicians who treated patients using their knowledge of laboratory science. Today, The American College of Physicians is the prime society for internal medicine globally.

Internal medicine doctors or internists primarily deal with adult patients and pay more attention to medicine for adults. They are associated with a patient’s right from teenage to old age and have a special residency-training period of three years on preventing and treating diseases that afflict adults. They work together with other medical specialists such as surgeons or pediatricians. Their ability to go about solving a health problem by looking at it from a number of angles is well known.

Internalists are equipped to handle simple as well as complicated health problems. They are good at deciphering diagnostic problems and dealing with multiple illnesses that occur simultaneously. They also educate their patients on general well being and advise them on preventive measures, substance abuse, women’s health, mental well being and so on. As you can see, they are a highly trained group of medical practitioners.

Internal medicine doctors practice general internal medicine or further specialize other areas of internal medicine. There are 13 subspecialties from which they choose. Specialization is called fellowship. Some of the subspecialties are cardiology, gastroenterology, adolescent medicine, rheumatology (arthritis), and oncology. In the United States, The American Board of Internal Medicine and American Osteopathic Board of Internal Medicine certify internists.

How to Choose the Best IVF Clinic Abroad

For some people, trying to fund another IVF cycle at home is very difficult. Many turn to IVF  clinics  abroad to find cheaper treatment and the savings can be quite substantial. Aside from cost, choosing an IVF  clinic  which fits with your requirements and is ‘best’ for you takes a lot of research and time. A comparison of  clinic  price lists should not be the only indicator for opting for one  clinic  over another. Below is a list of areas which should be researched before choosing the best  clinic  for you.

1)  Clinic  staffing

How experienced is the staff? How long have they worked at the  clinic ? This could be an indication on how happy the team are and the ethos of the  clinic . If staff are leaving and joining on a regular basis it may mean that there will be constant retraining and no continuity of service.

2) English-spoken in  clinic 

Assuming you are native English-speaker, then this could be an important factor. Whilst it is unreasonable to suppose that everyone should speak English, it is important that there is at least one person available who can speak fluent English and will be on hand to translate when necessary. It would be especially useful if the doctor treating you could speak English.

3) Regulation and standards

What kind of measures are in place to ensure that the  clinic  follows good practise guidelines. Are all records kept securely? Are data protection guidelines being followed? What kind of contingency is in place in case of an emergency? These are all questions which should be asked in order to feel confident that the  clinic  is not working to its own agenda. Each country should have a competent body in place to oversee the field of assisted reproduction and ensure that  clinics  follow specific guidelines.

4) Specialism

Some  clinics  have a particular specialism which may be relevant to your situation. For example, some  clinics  may undertake many more egg donation cycles compared to IVF cycles using a woman’s own eggs. These  clinics  will have more experience of dealing with the issues and queries that crop up with egg donation, particularly to couples coming from abroad. This can also apply to  clinics  which specialise in preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). If PGD is important to you, it may be that you seek out those  clinics  which particularly specialise in this.

5) Information on egg and sperm donors

It is important to find out the  clinics  approach regarding the welfare of their donors. Is there a limit to the number of times the donor can donate? Who are the donors? These questions may be relevant to you if you are hoping to undergo egg or sperm donation treatment. This information is crucial and you should ensure that you find out as much as possible about the donors. The way the  clinic  treats the donors may have an impact on your decision to use that  clinic .

6) IVF success rates

This is at the end of the list because while relevant and important, it should not be the only reason to choose a  clinic . Success rates vary for a number of reasons. Some  clinics  specialise in treating ‘older’ women and in these cases the success rate may be lower than the average. Other  clinics  may specialise in egg donation in these cases, the success rate of IVF using a patient’s own eggs would be a reflection of a small number of cycles and would not give an accurate picture. It is an excellent idea to get the success rate, of course, but it is equally important to understand how this figure was arrived at.

Going abroad for treatment can be a huge step for some people, but if you research your  clinic  wisely, it can be very successful and cost-effective.

Tips to Cut Your Health Care Costs

I recently had an experience that opened my eyes to the healthcare system. I have been fortunate to have good insurance coverage for the last 30 years. I am like many others, when the cost of care doesn’t impact my pocketbook; I am not a wise a consumer as I should be.

We recently have had changes in our insurance coverage, as many of you have experienced too. We have had some hefty out-of-pocket costs that has set me on a journey to be a wiser consumer.

I found a report by Kiplinger “50 Ways to Cut Your Health Care Costs.” I will share a few of the tips here. I have added it as a link on the website under resources. You may explore it further. I will hit the high points. Some you will know and others I hope you will find new and useful.

Stay in Your Network

Insurers have negotiated pricing with providers. You see those prices with providers in the network. You may also have a higher co-pay or co-insurance for providers out of the network, and also a higher deductible and a higher annual limit.

Save at Stand-Alone Radiology Centers

The average outpatient hospital cost for MRI and CAT scans is $1,384 to $1,668. But the average radiology center costs $445 to $725. (Information from Cigna) There can be a huge range between the highest and lowest costs in your area. [Most insurers have tools to help you compare the costs of x-rays and tests at different types of facilities in your area.] Check your insurer’s website.

Ask Your Doctor about Cheaper Facilities

Most doctors have privileges at several hospitals or outpatient surgery centers. The doctor’s costs will be the same. However, the facility fees can vary by thousands of dollars. This was an “A-Ha moment” for me. I learned after the fact, the doctor’s clinic would cost 1/3 the fees as the hospital. I think that is one reason why so many of these clinics and surgery centers are sprouting up.

Avoid the Emergency Room if You Can

You may not always be able to avoid an emergency care visit. However, you may be able to go to a much less expensive urgent care center or convenience care clinic. Cigna suggests using these facilities for minor cuts, burns, sprains, joint or lower back pains, and urinary infections. The average cost nationwide for an emergency room visit is $1,553 compared with $135 for an urgent care center and $58 for a convenience care clinic.

Determine ahead of time, who is in your network. You don’t want to be fumbling around when you have an emergency.

Sometimes you can’t avoid a trip to the emergency room, but you can still manage the costs as best as you can. You may be in the ER, but you are still the consumer. The triage protocols have employees following certain procedures. You need to be vocal about what you believe is needed.

I had something stuck in my esophagus. I called my doctor’s office to ask for assistance. I was told I needed to have my esophagus scoped; go to the ER. Because I presented with heart burn, – after all I had something stuck for hours in my throat – they followed procedures and were going to do an EKG. I was vocal and refused the procedure. Next they wanted to do some blood work. I also put a hold on that procedure. I did finally receive the services I came for and a bill of $4,500. I can’t imagine the cost if I had let them proceed unfettered.

Sign Up For Special Health Programs

You may get extra cash or discounts on your premiums for taking a health risk assessment or participating in a tobacco-cessation program. Employers are moving towards motivating employees to be healthier. Kaiser Family Foundation surveyed employers and found more than half offer special disease management programs others may provide a work-out room within their building or pay a set amount towards a gym membership.

A healthy employee is an asset to an employer. They miss fewer days and can be more productive on the job. Costs of insurance are determined by claims. Individuals behavior can make a difference in some health costs. Employers are trying to incentivize them.

Workman’s Comp – Worker’s Benefits and How to Find a Doctor

The working environment presents many risks and although employers do their best to protect their employees from injuries and other health related problems, accidents and injuries are bound to happen. Workman’s comp is a benefit system that is designed specifically to protect employees who are injured or whose health is affected as a result of their work. This system is therefore designed with employees in mind. Once injured, the patient might have additional difficulties locating the proper physician.

Injuries and illness must be work related. Workers can only be compensated for injuries or illnesses that are directly related to work activities and the work environment. If you want to make a claim for workman’s comp for sickness, you will have to prove that your illness is directly related to your working conditions or activities. To do this you will have to visit a medical doctor who can carry out the necessary tests that will prove your illness is work related.

Workman’s comp is only applicable for injuries that are directly related to work. This means that the injuries should have occurred in the work premises or while on an errand related to work. No compensation therefore is offered for injuries that occur during lunch hours and those that aren’t related to work activities.

The rules of workman’s comp differ from one state to the next. The rules of how and what benefits are awarded to workers with injuries or illnesses caused by work related activities therefore vary. The benefits awarded to the injured or sick employees depend on various factors. The first is whether the worker has suffered an impairment that is permanent or temporary. Temporary impairment may allow the worker to return to employment after some time. Benefits for these injuries or illnesses are therefore not as high as for permanent impairments.

Another factor to consider is whether the impairment is partial or total. Total impairments may cause the worker to lose their ability to return to their regular employment activities even if the impairment is temporary.

Benefits from workman’s comp usually take the form of medical care, continuation of certain benefits offered at work as well as the payment of a certain percentage of the worker’s wages. In many states, up to 66% of the employees regular salary is paid as compensation. This is equivalent to a third of the employee’s regular paycheck.

Payments are usually made continually. However, some employees may be given a lump sum of the payment. The total amount given is dependent on the employee’s wages, the severity of the injury incurred and their impairment rating. These may be followed by smaller monthly payments. This is usually the case for permanent impairment that does not allow the worker to return to regular working activities.

In the case of payments for partial impairment, payments are limited to an amount that will not exceed the maximum payment that the employee can earn. It is also limited to the number of weeks for which the employee can be paid. If the impairment allows the employee to return to work but at a lesser capacity, the difference in payment is made through workman’s compensation benefits.

In some situations, the employer’s worker’s compensation insurance company will dispute the injured worker’s claim. If the injury or illness is valid, the employee might consider seeking professional assistance to represent their claim. An internet search will reveal a plethora of law practices dedicated to on the job injuries.

So far, compensation benefits have been thoroughly described but it’s impossible to create a clear picture of the worker’s comp puzzle if we don’t discuss the medical provider. Your research for a work comp physician might be challenging due to the decreasing amount of doctors treating for on the job injuries.

When it comes to family practice doctors or primary care physicians just forget about it. The vast majority of these physicians do not treat for worker’s comp injuries, however, it’s the best place to start your research. Most likely, a family doctor will be able to refer their patients to a workmans comp doctor over the phone. For doctors to treat on the job injuries, they must first be approved by the state and listed on the State Approved Doctors List. You will find that there are fewer physicians on the list than not. This simply means that injured patients must see a physician on the approved doctors list even though the patient might be referred out to a specialist in the future.

Another negative characteristic refers to the added workload on the medical   clinic’s  staff. It has become increasingly more difficult for doctors to collect their payment reimbursements for medical care from the insurance companies. Nurses must obtain pre-authorization for any and all office visits or physical therapy before physicians can start patient treatment. If the medical  clinic’s  initial authorization request for workman’s comp medical care is denied, the patient coud be affected and their treatment delayed.

Helpful Advice for Walk In Clinic Visits

Booking an appointment to see your doctor sounds easy enough to do, but sometimes it is not possible. You may have developed a cough but did not think you needed to see your healthcare provider. Now it is Saturday and you are feeling worse. Or perhaps it is after work on a Wednesday and you have a sore on your hand that you want looked at right away. A walk in clinic is the best option if your doctor is not in or if his schedule is too busy to fit you in.

Many people appreciate the care and treatment that they receive from the qualified medical staff at a walk in clinic. Medical centers serve individuals of all ages and are often conveniently located. If you have a health problem that is not an emergency and you cannot make it to your doctor’s office, this is the place that you should go to for medical treatment.

When going to a walk in clinic, make sure you have enough money on you to cover your bill, in the event that your insurance carrier is not accepted. It would help to find out if the health insurance plan you have is accepted at the center before you show up there. If you are not able to find out this information beforehand, have your insurance card on hand for your appointment with the doctor. You also may need to have a prescription filled at a nearby pharmacy, so having a method of payment on your person is essential.

Your insurance provider may have list of urgent care centers to give you that accept their policy. Once you have obtained this, you can look up the addresses on your computer and find the medical facility that is the closest in proximity to your home or your workplace. Choosing the walk in clinic that accepts your coverage means that you will not have to cover all of the fees for your check-up out of your own pocket.

It is a good idea to take a look at a walk in clinic in your community before the day comes when you need it. This way you will know where it is located and you will have an idea of the layout of the place. Have a quick look around and ask questions of the staff at the front desk if they are not too busy to assist you and to field your questions. Look for signs of cleanliness and organization.

You also want to assure yourself that the staff is helpful and understanding to the situation patients find themselves in. Take note of how the practitioners at the center respond to the patients, even when the waiting room is full. Body language speaks for a lot as does other visual clues, such as whether eye contact is made or not.

Top Three Reasons to Visit Your Neighborhood Walk In Clinic

The walk in clinic. This is a relatively new type of medical facility years ahead of the house call and the hospital emergency room. A walk in clinic is there for you whenever you need them, caring and intelligent enough to treat any type of non-life threatening malady they encounter. Staffed by board-certified doctors, the walk in clinic is the future of neighborhood healthcare.

What are the top three reasons to visit a walk in clinic? This is a great question which we will attempt to answer in this brief article. There are so many things that can happen to a person when they are not expecting it. One moment you are healthy and well but the next you have stepped on a rusty nail and need to receive treatment for a potential case of tetanus.

Whatever happens to you as you make your way through your day, the walk in clinic will be there waiting to accept you, diagnose you, and treat you back to health and happiness all for a reasonable price. And all without the mind-numbingly long wait that you may be used to when utilizing a hospital emergency room for your non-life threatening medical needs.

Common Illnesses

A walk in clinic is the place to be when you come down with a case of the flu. They have tons of experience treating such illnesses and can get you back on your feet in a matter of days.

There is no reason to visit a hospital when you are suffering from a host of common illnesses. Take for instance a sinus infection. A walk in clinic will be able to prescribe the correct antibiotics to quickly fight off this nuisance.

Other common illnesses that a walk in clinic is adept at treating are:

  • Pink eye
  • Upset stomach and vomiting
  • Coughs
  • Sore throats
  • Ear infections
  • Food poisoning
  • Back pain
  • Headaches (including migraines)
  • Bladder infections
  • Etc.

Skin Conditions

At a walk in clinic, all types of skin issues are dealt with by caring and empathetic staff members made up of medical professionals. Acne is a huge problem for adolescences-and beyond. A walk in clinic can successfully treat adult acne as quickly as they can treat traditional prepubescent acne. Other skin conditions that can be treated are:

  • Athletes foot
  • Cold sores
  • Cuts & Bruises
  • Shingles
  • Rashes
  • Etc.

Wellness & Protection

One of the benefits of visiting a walk in clinic is their commitment to wellness and prevention. This is a school of thought throughout the medical community that believes that staying fit and healthy as a rule will help protect you against future illness. Some people may call it common sense, while others may be thick-headed enough to think it is hogwash. Generally, a walk in clinic will be committed to this ideal and understand that sometimes regular people like us need a tiny bit of help-a nudge so to speak-in order to keep our eyes on the prize of good health. A walk in clinics will commonly offer programs such as:

  • General physical exams
  • Diabetes screening
  • High blood pressure screening
  • High cholesterol screening
  • Illegal drug screening
  • All types of inoculations and vaccines
  • Smoking cessation programs
  • Etc.

Why You Should Go to a Bad Breath Clinic

Anyone who faces the problem of bad breath or halitosis constantly thinks of ways to get rid of the problem. Whatever treatment they think of, they apply it but their efforts doesn’t produce desirable results and are rendered useless. The main reason behind this is that we are unaware of the right treatments and use the wrong methods to get rid of the problem. Nowadays, trend has changed and people are turning towards ‘bad breath  clinics ‘ for treatments. The reason behind this lies in the fact that the methods found, such as through various websites, are not successful in treating halitosis and so people are turning towards means which will yield desirable results. In a  clinic  dealing with patients having halitosis, the  doctor  first asks about the patient’s lifestyle, his eating habits and other such relevant information before treating the patient.

There are many reasons as to why a person gets a halitosis. A doctor can diagnose understand these reasons. You will find a number of factors that contributes to this problem such as tonsil, dietary problem, intestinal problem, monotonous lifestyle. The diagnosis for these problems can be done by salivary flow examination, saliva testing, X-rays and many more.

Once a doctor has done a thorough examination as well as diagnosis, doctor will then suggest the patient to follow steps. This can include suggesting a new lifestyle for the patient; which mostly is not welcomed by the patient himself. Similarly, a doctor may suggest the patient to avoid certain food items, drinking or smoking. Initially, a patient may find it hard to follow the newly set routine but one should keep in mind that it will yield desirable results in the long run.

Once the patient gets a successful treatment, he can return back to his normal lifestyle although the success of these treatments in the fact that how much determined is the patient. It has been noticed that people facing halitosis problem seeks treatment for bad breath  clinic  but as it is difficult to adopt a new lifestyle or changes in existing one, patients back out.

Although there are more advantages of going to bad breath  clinic , one disadvantage is spending of money. One may have to spend a lot of money since have to visit a doctor many times and get appointments. But remember even though money spending is very important but when it comes to health it is worthless. To sum it up, those with the problem of halitosis should medical help and go to a bad breath  clinic  for treatment. Once treated, you will find that you have regained your lost confidence and now communicating as well as working is no more of a problem. You can now hang out with friends, or work with full-confidence and never feel embarrassed or humiliated due to halitosis.

Always remember that getting rid of halitosis problem requires patience and time so when you go to a bad breath  clinic , keep this factor in mind. Make sure you say put till the end of treatment and you will find that the results are not only positive but long lasting as well.

Recruitment For Alternative Medicine In Clinics

It all started when he was 2 and was diagnosed with leukaemia. He has since been given chemotherapy and radiation. His parents are trying everything from herbal remedies, bio energy sessions, magnets in his pillow and mattress, fruit and vegetable drinks to acupuncture to help ease his pain. He is in remission now, after a bone marrow transplant, and his parents continue to blend traditional care with unconventional therapies. Everything that is possible must be done for him, says his mother. They were first cautious but later decided to keep trying various treatments too.

American Academy of Paediatrics has passed a brand new guideline which says that all doctors should be aware of other treatment. Unconventional treatments are not uncommon any more with 30% parents trying it out. Such remedies are always coming up with chronic illnesses or disabilities such as cancer, autism, sickle cell anaemia.

The physicians will have to out in an extra effort to make the patient feel that he is concerned. Knowing what treatments are being used helps the physicians actually monitor the child and see if the treatment is helping and whether it can be recommended to others as well. The amount of information found on the internet is one main reason for this change said the paediatric haematologist and oncologist at Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters. The patients to be asked the alternative medicine they are trying.

The risks involved are told to the parents by him at the same time that he gives them support. Chemotherapy can be adversely affected with a lot of folic acid in the alternative medicine. There’s nothing like deep touch massage, music therapy, or meditation he explains. His support is for anything that has no detrimental effect. It is but natural that the parents will only feel better when they’ve tried everything.

Doctors today have to face a lot more problems thanks to alternative treatments The Internet is full of pitches for such treatments many of which are unproven scientifically and difficult to assess. For instance, determining what ingredients are in herbal remedies and vitamin supplements can be nearly impossible.

Alternative medicines are being studied at the Medical schools while massage or chiropractic care is being paid for by insurance companies. But the array of treatments seems to grow by the day. The costly alternative treatments not covered by insurance are always warned about y the doctor.

The alternative treatment and the doctor’s advice always go hand in hand said the boy’s mother. The fruit and vegetable drink has been completely stopped for three months now because of the bone marrow transplant that has just taken place. The parents have been ready to take Alternative and complementary therapies for their parents to make sure their children don’t get any serious diseases.

Fertility Clinics Improve Your Chances of Fertility

The causes of infertility might vary from one person to the other. Fertility  clinics  are equipped with the state of art technologies and renowned  doctors  to provide every aspect of service in evaluating, diagnosing and surgical treatments to get you pregnant. They can treat from basic to complex reproductive disorders with the most advanced technologies like IVF, GIFT.

Fertility  clinics  are striving from the past 2 decades in helping to resolve the disorders of reproduction and in helping to deliver good healthy babies. They understand the emotional, physical and financial impact of every couple and will help you in overcoming infertility.

Florida infertility  clinics  are located in the regions of North Tampa, South Tampa, Bradenton, Pensacola, Tallahassee, and Clear Water. All the centers offer physician service, In house laboratory, and radiology support for all the infertility and reproductive endocrinology procedures. They also have a center of excellence near North Tampa office, which offers Vitro fertilization treatment. This center is equipped with latest technologies of comprehensive endocrine and andrology labs, and a radiology suite for ultrasonography and fluoroscopy.

All the  doctors  in fertility  clinic  are certified in Obstetrics, and Gynecology. They strive hard to provide the most care to all patients. They are committed to trust and develop excellent relationships with the patients who make you feel easy and happy during your whole treatment.

A fertility  clinic  also has a donor program. The procedure of the egg donation program is as follows: the eggs are taken from the donor, and they shall be fertilized in the laboratory. Once these eggs are completely fertilized it shall be inserted into the patients or the recipient’s uterus. The donors are anonymous and shall be in between the age of 21-32 years. The donors come from all the backgrounds. However, there are only 50% chances of pregnancy per cycle for the donor’s egg. The program also offers a split donor program, in which the couple undergoing the IVF treatment can donate their half reproductive eggs to another couple undergoing the same treatment.

There are various treatments for male infertility treatments, antibody studies, Sperm penetration assay, Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection, Vesectomy Reversals and Sperm Freezing.

Additional services offered include financial assistance for couples undergoing IVF treatment and is the first of its kind in the Tampa region which offers such services. For couples undergoing IVF treatment it gives a flat 70% refund if it fails in producing a healthy baby in 3 IVF cycle attempts and a 100% refund if the couple uses a donor program.

However before deciding to undergo any treatment Doctors consultation is always required. If you are facing any issues in producing healthy babies please fix an appointment with a  doctor  at a  clinic  which offers a guarantee of producing healthy babies.